How to Reach 9 SE 12 Restaurant Vashi Navi Mumbai

In this article, you will know all the transport modes to reach 9 se 12 restaurant vashi navi mumbai.

Let’s get started…

By Train:

  1. Take a local train to Vashi Railway Station.
  2. Exit the station and head towards the Vashi Bus Depot.
  3. From there, take a bus or auto-rickshaw to Inorbit Mall, Vashi.
  4. Nau Se Barah 9/12 is located inside Inorbit Mall.

By Bus:

  1. Board a bus that goes to Vashi Bus Depot.
  2. From the bus depot, take another bus or an auto-rickshaw to Inorbit Mall, Vashi.
  3. The restaurant is situated inside the mall.

By Car or Taxi:

  1. Use a ride-sharing app or hire a taxi to reach Inorbit Mall, Vashi.
  2. The restaurant is located on the ground floor of the mall.

By Walking:

  1. If you’re nearby, consider walking to Inorbit Mall, Vashi.
  2. The mall is easily accessible from the main road.

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