How to Reach Atta Market Sector 18 Noida

In this article, you will know all the transport modes to reach atta market sector 18 noida.

Let’s start the journey…

By Metro:

  1. The most convenient and hassle-free way to reach Atta Market is by metro.
  2. Nearest Metro StationNoida Sector 18 Metro Station.
  3. From the metro station, take Exit Gate No. 2.
  4. This gate opens directly onto Atta Market, allowing you to enter the market from the metro station itself.

By Road/Car/Bus:

  1. If you prefer traveling by road or have your own vehicle:
    • From Delhi: Take the DND Flyway and exit at Noida Sector 16.
    • Follow the signs or use navigation apps to reach Atta Market in Sector 18.
    • If you’re already in Noida, use local roads to reach Noida Sector 18.
  2. The market is centrally located in Sector 18, making it easy to find.

By Bus:

Noida Sector 18 Bus Station is conveniently located, merely a 5-minute walk from Atta Market.

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