How to Reach Goli Vada Pav No 1 Restaurant Agra

In this article, you will know all the transport modes to reach goli vada pav no 1 agra.

Let’s dive in…

Bus/Railway Station

  1. Depending on your location and preference, you can either opt for a bus or train to get to Agra. If you’re in a nearby city, there might be direct buses or trains available.

Auto Rickshaw/Taxi:

  1. You can hire an auto-rickshaw or a taxi from the bus/railway station to reach Goli Vada Pav No. 1. Make sure to negotiate the fare beforehand or ask for the meter.

Local Bus:

  1. Depending on the distance, you can also opt for a local bus that passes through the area near Goli Vada Pav No. 1. You might need to ask locals or check with the bus station for the appropriate route.

Cycle Rickshaw:

  1. In some areas of Agra, cycle rickshaws are available for shorter distances. They might not take you directly to Goli Vada Pav No. 1, but they can drop you off nearby.

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