How to Reach Inox Century 21 Mall Bhopal

In this article, you will know all the transport modes to reach inox century 21 mall bhopal.

Let’s get started…

By Train:

  1. Start: If you’re arriving by train, head to Bhopal Junction Railway Station.
  2. Transport Options: From the station, you can either:
    • Taxi: Use a taxi service to reach the mall (approximately 8 kilometers away).
    • Local Transport: Take local buses or other public transport options.
  3. Arrive: Once you reach the mall, proceed to the 1st Floor where INOX Century 21 Mall is located.

By Air:

  1. Airport: If you’re flying in, land at Raja Bhoj Airport (located about 20 kilometers from Century 21 Mall).
  2. Transport Options: From the airport, choose one of the following:
    • Taxi: Hire a taxi to take you directly to the mall.
    • Local Transport: Use local buses or other available transportation.
  3. Destination: Upon arrival at the mall, head to the 1st Floor for INOX Century 21.

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