How to Reach Sector 18 Cafe Noida

In this article, you will know all the transport modes to reach sector 18 cafe noida.

Let’s dive in…


  1. Noida Sector 18 Metro Station is the most convenient way to reach Sector 18. It’s well-connected by the Blue Line of the Delhi Metro.
  2. Exit the metro station and you’ll find yourself in the heart of Sector 18.
  3. The metro station serves all commercial areas, shopping malls, Noida Filmcity (in Sector 16-A), and the famous Atta Market in Sector 18.

By Car:

  1. If you’re coming from Delhi, take the DND Flyway and exit at Noida Sector 16.
  2. Follow signs or use navigation apps to reach Atta Market in Sector 18.
  3. If you’re already in Noida, use local roads to reach Sector 18, which is centrally located.

Local Buses and Auto-Rickshaws:

  1. Noida has a network of buses and auto-rickshaws that connect various sectors.
  2. Ask for Sector 18 when boarding a bus or hiring an auto-rickshaw.

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