How to Reach Supermart 1 Mall Gurgaon

In this article, you will know all the transport modes to reach supermart 1 mall gurgaon.

Let’s begin…


  1. The nearest metro station to Super Mart 1 is M G Road (Yellow Line).
  2. It’s approximately 2.2 kilometers away, which is about a 29-minute walk.
  3. You can take the metro to M G Road and then walk to Super Mart 1.


  1. Buses that pass near Super Mart 1 include:
    • Bus 126: Connects various locations in Delhi to Gurgaon.
    • Bus 212CU: Another option for reaching Super Mart 1.
  2. You can take any of these buses to the nearest bus stop.

Auto Rickshaw or Taxi:

  1. Hire an auto rickshaw or taxi from any nearby location.
  2. Ask the driver to take you to Super Mart 1 in Gurgaon.

Self-Drive or Cab:

  1. If you’re driving, use a navigation app to reach Super Mart 1.
  2. It’s located on Sushant Lok Road, near Sonar Restaurant, in DLF City, DLF Phase IV.
  3. Parking facilities are available nearby.

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