How to Reach United 21 Retreat Lonavala Resort Pune

In this article, you will know all the transport modes to reach united 21 retreat lonavala resort in pune .

Let’s start the journey…

By Air (From Pune International Airport):

  1. The nearest airport to Lonavala is Pune International Airport.
  2. Take a taxi or a rideshare service from the airport to the resort.
  3. The distance between Pune Airport and Lonavala is approximately 68 kilometers.
  4. The journey by road will take around 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on traffic.

By Train (From Lonavala Railway Station):

  1. Lonavala Railway Station is the closest railhead.
  2. Upon arriving at the station, you can:
    • Hire a local taxi or auto-rickshaw to reach the resort (approximately 0 kilometers).
    • The resort is conveniently located near the station.
    • Alternatively, you can contact the resort for pick-up arrangements.
  3. The Lonavala Railway Station is within walking distance from the resort.

By Bus (From Lonavala Bus Stand):

  1. Lonavala Bus Stand is the main bus terminal in the town.
  2. Exit the bus stand and:
    • Take a short walk to the resort (approximately 0 kilometers).
    • The resort is situated near the bus stand.
    • You can easily reach it on foot.

By Car (Self-Drive):

  1. If you’re driving from Pune, follow the Mumbai Pune National Highway (NH4).
  2. Look out for the HDFC Bank on the highway.
  3. The resort is located next to Zalewadi Sanatorium, close to the bank.


  •  Address: Near HDFC Bank, Next to Zalewadi Sanatorium, Mumbai Pune National Highway, Lonavala, Maharashtra 410401.

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