How to Reach Alibaba & 41 Dishes Munnar Restaurant in Kerala

In this article, you will know all the transport modes to reach alibaba & 41 dishes munnar restaurant in kerala.

Let’s start the journey…

By Road:

  1. If you’re already in Munnar, you can easily reach Alibaba & 41 Dishes by road.
  2. The restaurant is located at Moolakadai Junction, Letchmi Estate Road, Munnar, Kerala 685612.
  3. You can take a taxi, auto-rickshaw, or drive your own vehicle to reach the restaurant.
  4. Keep in mind that traffic can vary, so plan your journey accordingly.

Public Bus:

  1. If you prefer public transportation, take a local bus to Munnar.
  2. Get off at the Moolakadai Junction bus stop.
  3. Alibaba & 41 Dishes is within walking distance from the bus stop.


  1. If you’re exploring Munnar on foot, head towards Letchmi Estate Road.
  2. Look for the Moolakadai Junction, and you’ll find Alibaba & 41 Dishes nearby.

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