How to Reach Dwarka Sector 12 Delhi

In this article, you will know all the transport modes to reach dwarka sector 12 delhi.

Let’s start the journey…

Metro (Subway):

  1. Start by taking the Delhi Metro from RK Ashram Marg station.
  2. Board the Blue Line train heading towards Dwarka Sector 12.
  3. The metro ride will take approximately 36 minutes.


  1. Alternatively, you can opt for a bus:
    • Catch a bus from New Delhi Station Gate 2.
    • The bus route will take you to the Radisson BLU Hotel near Dwarka Sector 12.
    • The bus journey usually takes around 1 hour and 48 minutes.


  1. If you prefer a more direct route, consider taking a taxi:
    • Hire a taxi from Delhi to Dwarka Sector 12.
    • The taxi ride covers a distance of approximately 24.5 kilometers and takes about 25 minutes.

Private Car:

  1. Driving your own car is another option:
    • Drive from Delhi to Dwarka Sector 12.
    • The distance is approximately 24.5 kilometers and takes around 25 minutes.

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