How to Reach OYO 1824 Hotel Grand Peepal delhi

In this article, you will know all the transport modes to reach oyo 1824 hotel grand peepal delhi.

Let’s dive in…

Metro (Subway):

  1. Begin your journey by taking the Delhi Metro from your nearest station.
  2. Board the Blue Line train heading towards Karol Bagh Metro Station.
  3. Alight at Karol Bagh Metro Station.
  4. The metro ride typically takes around 9 minutes.


  1. Exit the metro station and walk to OYO 1824 Hotel Grand Peepal.
  2. The hotel is approximately 9 minutes away on foot.
  3. Enjoy the bustling streets of Karol Bagh as you make your way there.


  1. If you prefer a bus ride:
    • Catch a bus from the nearby Regharpura Bus Stop.
    • Take a bus that goes towards Karol Bagh.
    • The bus journey usually takes around 15 minutes.

Auto Rickshaw/Tuk-Tuk:

  1. For a local experience, hail an auto rickshaw:
    • Negotiate the fare with the driver.
    • Ask to be dropped off at OYO 1824 Hotel Grand Peepal in Karol Bagh.
    • The ride should take approximately 10 minutes.

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