How to Reach Sector 18 Rohini Delhi

In this article, you will know all the transport modes to reach sector 18 rohini delhi.

Let’s get started…

By Metro:

  1. Start: Board the Yellow Line metro from your nearest station.
  2. Destination: Get off at the Samaypur Badli Metro Station, which is the nearest metro station to Rohini Sector 18.
  3. Walk: It’s approximately a 12-minute walk from the metro station to Sector 18.

By Bus:

  1. Start: Take a bus to Rohini Sec 18 bus stop.
  2. Walk: From the bus stop, walk to Sector 18.
  3. Destination: You’ll find low to mid-rise residential buildings in Sector 18, including cooperative group housing societies (CGHS) and Delhi Development Authority (DDA) flats.

By Car/Taxi:

  1. Start: Drive towards Bawana Road in North Delhi.
  2. Landmark: Look for Rohini Sector 18 along Bawana Road.
  3. Parking: Park your car nearby.
  4. Destination: Explore the residential complexes and facilities in Sector 18.

By Train:

  1. Start: Take a train to Badli Station.
  2. Walk: It’s an 11-minute walk from Badli Station to Rohini Sector 18.
  3. Explore: Discover the amenities and surroundings of this well-planned locality.

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